Impact of Oracle to license JAVA as of February 2019 on ServerView Suite

Quelle: Fujitsu – Global Marketing – Product Marketing Server Team

The announcement of ORACLE to license JAVA as of February 2019 also influences some products of the ServerView Suite.

In order to provide these products to our customers also in the future without the need for license fees, Fujitsu is modifying these products so that they can use a Java royalty-free product.
The modification is based on HTML5 or OpenJDK (for details see the table below). This approach causes that customers, using the current ServerView products, will have to update to the
newest versions immediately after release (not later than end of January 2019).
Should an update not be possible or desirable, then these customers will have to start paying license fees for the usage of ORACLE Java. The prices depend on the usage of Java and are listed in the global
ORACLE pricelist.