Intel Q2 Security Update on Side-Channel Analysis Method Vulnerability

Fujitsu Advisory note: Intel vulnerabilities affecting selected PRIMERGY, PRIMEQUEST and Client Computing Devices

Intel has identified and made public today a new vulnerability affecting modern processor architectures. This new vulnerability is a derivative of the side-channel methods previously disclosed in January.

Please be aware that selected FUJITSU Server PRIMERGY/ PRIMEQUEST systems and CCD Products are affected by these vulnerabilities.

Fujitsu is working closely with Intel to address the issue through the release of software patches for all affected products that are currently supported. Older systems that are no longer supported will not be patched.

Fujitsu has published an advisory note on its support website which:

– Describes the vulnerability and the recommended steps as advised by Fujitsu to patch affected product lines
– Provides a list of affected systems and products here and patch availability. Fujitsu will update this list regularly.

Please advise customers with affected systems to follow these recommendations.


Fujitsu TPM Update


TPM Firmware Update Tool:

Technical Background Information:
The following TPM products in combination with the Firmware are affected:
TPM1.2 – FW133.32, FW149.32 (SLB9645)
TPM1.2 – FW4.00 up to FW4.33 (SLB9655/9656)
TPM1.2 – FW4.40 up to FW4.42 (SLB9660)
TPM1.2 – FW6.00 up to FW6.42 (SLB9670)
TPM2.0 – FW 5.00 up to FW5.61 (SLB9665)
TPM2.0 – FW7.00 up to FW7.61 (SLB9670)
How can I find out which TPM I am using?


Fujitsu recommends using the Windows based tool (as mentioned above).:
Alternatively, identify the TPM version by using the Trusted Platform Module Management on Local Computer (TPM Management Console).
Access it by

  • Clicking Start
  • typing tpm.msc in the Search box
  • then pressing “Enter

This displays the TPM manufacturer information.