Fujitsu TPM Update


TPM Firmware Update Tool:

Technical Background Information:
The following TPM products in combination with the Firmware are affected:
TPM1.2 – FW133.32, FW149.32 (SLB9645)
TPM1.2 – FW4.00 up to FW4.33 (SLB9655/9656)
TPM1.2 – FW4.40 up to FW4.42 (SLB9660)
TPM1.2 – FW6.00 up to FW6.42 (SLB9670)
TPM2.0 – FW 5.00 up to FW5.61 (SLB9665)
TPM2.0 – FW7.00 up to FW7.61 (SLB9670)
How can I find out which TPM I am using?


Fujitsu recommends using the Windows based tool (as mentioned above).:
Alternatively, identify the TPM version by using the Trusted Platform Module Management on Local Computer (TPM Management Console).
Access it by

  • Clicking Start
  • typing tpm.msc in the Search box
  • then pressing “Enter

This displays the TPM manufacturer information.