Inform: PRIMERGY – Announcement of new SSD SAS Mixed-Use and Read-Intensive class

We hereby announce the introduction of new SSD SAS Mixed-Use and Read-Intensive class.

These SSDs are next-generation SSDs suitable for a wide range of applications and will be released for PRIMERGY M4
generation. Above all, the maximum capacity is extended up to 7.68TB with Read-Intensive class, which enables to integrate
many 10/15Krpm HDDs into a few drives, thereby saving on the number of servers and drives and saving on space and power

Please find below the technical details and order codes.

SSD contains flash memory cells that are wearing parts, so SSD can only tolerate a limited number of write jobs and has a
built-in Wear-Out indicator. Depending on usage, there is a possiblity to reach its write endurance limit within the system
warranty period. In this case, the warranty for such a component, as an exception to the system warranty, is restricted to the
time period until the indicator reaches the exhaust level.

How to monitor the write endurance
Management software „ServerView RAID Manager“ is available for monitoring the write endurance for SSD.
The write endurance should be checked regulary so that the replacement of SSD can be initiated before reaching the limit.
The write endurance of this product is in the „Technical details“ table above.